We are here for all mothers on maternity leave
Do you need to go shopping or arrange some administrative matters? Don´t drag your children with you to the authorities, do your shopping in peace while our trained babysitter prepares an interesting programme for your children.

Do you want to clean up your home? It is difficult with your kid spilling water and dragging everything away. Avoid unnecessary haste and while you are cleaning we will take your child to a playground or for a walk in his pram.

Even if you are on a maternity leave you would like to go to a hair dresser. You can have some time for yourself and your child will happily play with our babysitter.

Mothers on a maternity leave also want to meet their friends in a cafe, go to a fitness centre or a massage. Take a rest and recharge your energy and your child will get excellent care.

Is your kid too small to leave him alone with a babysitter? So use her as a companion when shopping, having an appointment at a doctor, hairdresser or arranging something at authorities and you can still keep him in sight.

Are you going to have a job interview? You may rely on us in this case as well.

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For your kids with love
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Professional childcare agency
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We are ready to care of your children 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.
Sometimes you cannot avoid situations when your mother, grandma or sister are not available and you need an adequate care of your child. In such a situation you can rely on us.