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It is a wonderful thing to be a mother or father but it also means responsibility. Children can´t see how much  their parents do for them but they feel it when  their parents are tired, stressed and  experience their mood with them .

All parents want the best for their children, the best school, the best background, the best care. I know it as a mother of two children  and I try to spend all my free time with them. Children appreciate my smile, good nature and kind look more than the fact that I have cleaned the house,  done all shopping or managed to arrange everything at  authorities.  They don´t understand our duties and worries, they sense only our moods and they will remember them for their whole life.

Twelve years as a kindergarten teacher and five years as a headmaster I experienced the joys of children and worries of their parents, particularly when I had to tell the parents that their child fell ill or when the kindergarten was closed because of too many flu cases.  Then they had a problem where to put their child when it can´t go to the kindergarten. As a mother I had to solve such problems as well.

Therefore I decided to help the parents who often need some “good angel”  ready to look after their child at least for a short time and founded a professional childcare agency Babysitting Košice, which is there for you anytime you need it.

It is difficult for any parent to leave their child in a strange place therefore Babysitting Košice offers you a professional care of your child in an environment where the child feels safe - at home where a trained reliable babysitter accommodates to the daily regime and needs of the child after consulting it with the parents.

If  you worry about how your child copes alone with the babysitter,  our babysitter may accompany you with your child so that you can check her work in practice and appreciate her kind and individual approach.

We will gladly help you anytime you need it.

With love for your children

Renáta Greculová
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For your kids with love
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