Children parties with skilled activity leaders and the mobile playroom with a baby-sitter for the youngest children for family parties, weddings and company events.
Take care of the children of your guests and surprise them by our special service - a mobile playroom or programme prepared by skilled activity leaders. Make sure they have fun they can fully enjoy.

We will prepare a playroom full of games and cheerful atmosphere in a place of your choice and all the children at the party will be looked after by a trained sitter.

We will build a small play island for you with various activities for kids of all ages.

Children like to entertain themselves by running along the halls, chasing each other and they don´t allow their parents to rest. Very often children get injured at such parties. Avoid it by arranging entertainment for them.

When children are happy the parents will surely enjoy themselves.

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For your kids with love
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Professional childcare agency
We are ready to care of your children 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.
Sometimes you cannot avoid situations when your mother, grandma or sister are not available and you need an adequate care of your child. In such a situation you can rely on us.