We help busy parents
You haven´t anybody who could take your child to school, pick him up or take him to a hobby group? We can offer you a trained sitter.

Do you work shifts? We are ready to come even for a couple of hours so that you can have a rest and then attend to your child with full energy.

Even parents need some time for themselves, so enjoy a romantic evening and a trained babysitter will look after your child in the safety of your home.

Did your child fall ill and you can´t stay at home with him? We can look after him without any additional charge, we will be with him if he needs anything.

You have to go to work and there is no vacant place in kindergarten available? You can use our service even for a longer period and we will care of your child individually.

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For your kids with love
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We are ready to care of your children 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.
Sometimes you cannot avoid situations when your mother, grandma or sister are not available and you need an adequate care of your child. In such a situation you can rely on us.